Emergency Dentist in Edgecliff

Have a dental problem?
A broken filling, tooth or even a denture, lost a crown or veneer, or perhaps a niggling or even an excruciating toothache, at Edgecliff Dental Care we understand that a dental emergency can severely disrupt your day or night!

We have a solution!
At Edgecliff Dental Care, Dr Lodhia and his staff have a very calming, gentle and professional manner and are very experienced in dealing with dental emergencies. For those patients that are very nervous, we have a relaxed environment and nitrous oxide (happy gas) is also available.

What to do?
Call 02 9327 4223 to organise a convenient time to find a solution for the problem.

At Edgecliff Dental Care, we believe that emergency dentistry is an important aspect of our many services. We will endeavor to attend to you and address the cause of the emergency as soon as possible.

Then lets think of prevention...
Of course, once the emergency is over we will be happy to discuss strategies to prevent further emergencies and draw up a treatment plan that will improve your oral health and in the process improve your smile too.

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