Considering Dental Implant Options?

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A very effective teeth replacement option is provided by dental implants. They are different from other options as they provide replacement of a whole tooth. The tooth right from the root to the outer visible portion is replaced. This type of procedure is not seen in other teeth replacement techniques.

This complete artificial tooth replacement procedure is opted by many as it is durable and also provides extra support and strength to the nearby teeth and gum tissues. The best feature of this is that single tooth replacement or replacing many teeth is possible with this procedure.

Types of dental implants

When considering the different types of dental implant options- one will come across mainly two types – endosteal and subperiosteal. In the endosteal type of dental implant, the implant is placed in the bone and in superiosteal it is placed on the jaw bone. But after considering the stability and support provided by subperiosteal, it is not much in vogue. Endosteal is the option almost all dentists go to as this lasts almost a lifetime.

Single tooth replacement

As the name suggests, this is best suited for those who wish to replace a single tooth. Teeth are lost due to aging or decay or trauma and they can be replaced by placing the dental implant. Usually when one needs tooth replacement, then the neighbouring teeth also need to be ‘worked on’ so that the single tooth replacement can be placed. In the implant process, the health of the neighbouring teeth will not be affected at all. In single tooth replacement the structure is placed inside the jaw bone.

This will not weaken the jaw bone but will offer extra reinforcement. This single tooth dental implant offers a better aesthetic value when compared with other single tooth replacement options. This implant will blend in with the natural teeth in the mouth and there is no embarrassment to the user.

Implant - supported bridge

This replacement option is a great method to replace more than one tooth. Due to any reason, if one has lost many teeth and they are all adjacent to each other in a row, then dentists prefer to provide this dental implant option. A dental bridge typically has a bridge with supporting crowns on the ends. This will act as the replacement teeth for the ones that are lost. The teeth in between also will have dental crowns placed on them.

But in the dental implant option the crowns will be connected or fixed to the dental implants. Unlike the other replacement option, the natural teeth in between the lost teeth do not have crowns. This procedure is similar to a single tooth dental implant, only that more than one tooth is replaced. The other features like stability, support, or durability all remain the same.

Complete teeth replacement

As the name suggests, if there is a need to replace the complete set of teeth then there is an option available. Implant retained denture is the best option if a replacement is needed. One can go for this procedure, if all the teeth are missing in the lower jaw or upper jaw or both. In this treatment option, usually dentists four dental implants are placed, using which replacement teeth can be placed. In some clinics, only two strategically placed dental implants are used instead of four.

Custom-made dentures will be placed on these implants and the wearer has one again a complete set of teeth. Studies have shown that compared to dentures, this dental implant option gives complete restoration of chewing and works as effectively as natural teeth. More stability is provided to lower jaw dentures when compared to common dentures. 

Procedure and benefits

This is a dental surgery procedure and is conducted under anaesthesia. The jaw bone will receive an implant on which rests the replaced teeth. For this procedure, after the anaesthesia is injected, the jaw bone is cut open. Then the implant is placed inside and is left to heal. This will later receive an abutment on which the replacement teeth can be placed. There are different materials to choose from to make artificial teeth. They will be tailored by the dentists to suit your need and mimic even the colour of the natural teeth. Awkwardness from having to wear artificial teeth is something unknown to those who wear implants.

There are numerous benefits one obtains when dental implants are used. The foremost is of course replacing teeth in the way natural teeth are. Tooth is replaced right from the root to the tip by this method. Due to this very reason, the stability and permanence offered by dental implants is something unique. The facial structure of the person does not change by this method and there is no problem with speech or with chewing.

There is also no danger of replacement teeth slipping off when one is talking as they are anchored to the jaw bone. One does not need to do any extra care for dental implants, the usual cleaning routine followed for natural teeth needs to be done. And the best of all is one is saved from cavities as dental implants are made from a material that is safe from decay.

Before choosing dental implants are the option, one needs to go for a dental examination. This is needed to find out if this treatment option is suited after checking the oral health of the person. One of the first things that is checked are bone loss. When a tooth is lost, there is also bone loss seen in the surrounding it.

To place the implant, there needs to be a certain amount of bone. If the bone is not present in the amount needed or if it is not able to provide the essential support, then a dental implant might not be an option. The age of a person is also considered as this the best option for those who are adults. So usually children or youth are not ideal candidates for this treatment.

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