General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Edgecliff

At Edgecliff Dental Care we recommend six-monthly check-ups to detect any problems at an early stage and to prevent loss of teeth or further damage, which often requires extensive and costly repair work. That way we ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy all the time.

Your check-up will be followed by a scale and clean which removes tartar from the teeth. Tartar (Calculus) is hardened soft plaque (like scale in a kettle, but with bacteria) that has not been removed with normal brushing, if left in place it can result in damage to teeth and gums by potentially causing decay and disease.

Concentrated Fluoride is then applied onto your teeth to make them more resistant to decay and sensitivity.

Furthermore, the gums are checked for any signs of gum disease such as periodontitis and the soft tissues are screened for more sinister diseases such as cancer.

General dentists provide dental care services to people of all age groups. Routine examinations and clean-ups are not the only services that come under the purview of general dentistry. There are also many other services that our general dentistry team provides.

Preventive services

One of the core aspects of general dentistry is preventive services. The aim is to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases before it sets in. It includes regular exams which may include diagnostic X-rays and professional teeth cleaning. For people with an active lifestyle, custom-fitted mouth-guards may be recommended for prevention of dental injury.

Restorative services

If signs of decay are found in the teeth, the first step is to try and restore. Restoration typically involves removing the decayed area and filling the tooth up. There are also other restorative services such as those for broken or knocked out tooth, placing crowns and bridgework, dentures etc.

Cosmetic procedures

Teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding can significantly improve the appearance of your smile. Our general dentistry team can help you achieve a great smile with a quick and easy whitening procedure.

Overall dental health care

Your oral health is reflective of your overall health. Dental problems may indicate issues with other aspects of your health and vice versa. If you have oral infections that are untreated, it can lead to an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, complications during the time of pregnancy etc. One of the primary responsibilities of your general dentist is to identify issues such as these before they become more complex and provide appropriate treatment at the right time.

At our general dentistry practice, we also provide help with sleep apnea. This can potentially be a dangerous condition, but can be effectively treated with the help of an oral appliance.

Your general dentistry visits

You should aim to visit your general dentist at least once in six months. Nip all problems in the bud so you can have a healthy set of teeth and a great smile.

Call us and fix an appointment with our general dentist. Our friendly staff will do everything possible to make your visit to our clinic a pleasant and memorable one.