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Mouth guards

Mouth guards are coverings used to protect teeth from injury caused by grinding or sport.

Whilst you can buy a standard mouth guard at most sporting shops, adjusting these for a good fit is difficult.

To ensure a perfect fit, a custom made protector can be made for you in the surgery. This involves taking an imprint of your teeth, which is used to mould the mouth guard providing you a customised guard that provides the best comfort and protection.

Most mouth guards cover upper teeth only, however lower jaw guards can also be made. Your guard should be comfortable, durable and easy to clean and should not restrict breathing.

Night guards

They are hard coverings used to protect teeth from damage caused by grinding while you are asleep.

Research showed that 60%-70% of the population grind their teeth during the night (different strengths at different stages of life), sometime the grinding is loud enough to be heard by a partner or someone who sleeps next to the grinder.

Grinding or clenching teeth which is also called bruxism, causes a number of problems such as: Wearing out of teeth, cracking of back teeth, breakage of restorations and severe damage to the jaw joint leading to clicking of the joints, headaches and pain.

Occlusal splints (Night Guards) reduce the grinding of your teeth during the night and with new materials on the market it is very easy to wear and tolerate.