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Have you been desperately trying to bring back the shine and sparkle to your smile? Teeth whitening is the answer to your problems. As you age, teeth naturally lose their shine. Teeth whitening is a simple and non–invasive procedure regularly performed at our clinic.

Why do teeth lose their sparkle and colour?

Teeth lose their whiteness because the outer dental enamel gets thinner and the inner layer of dentin is revealed. Dentin a yellowish tinge and causes your teeth to appear yellowish. If your teeth have suffered any trauma, then the dentin layer suffers and your teeth can change colour.

Food that you consume also have staining qualities. Drinks like coffee, tea, wine, cola can all stain your teeth. Smoking and tobacco products also dull teeth colour. The nicotine in tobacco mixes with oxygen and stains the teeth.

Some medications may also cause staining. If you are on long term medication for blood pressure or for mental health – then it’s likely that they have stained your teeth.

zoom teeth whitening edgecliff

Whitening your teeth

Whitening products contain bleaching agents which work on the stains and fade them away to bring back the lustre to your teeth.

You may find different whitening products available in the market, but is it recommended to get the whitening procedure performed at a dental clinic. It is hard to assess which products are suitable for you or if you have any allergies to the ingredients.

At the dental clinic, teeth will be whitened evenly and safely because it will be performed by trained professionals.

What does the teeth whitening procedure involve?

The dentist will first apply a gel over your gums for protection. The whitening agent goes on next – the product is filled in a mouth tray and placed in your mouth nestling the teeth. The product safely bleaches your teeth to remove the stains.

Another type of whitening treatment is done using laser. Bleaching product is applied to your teeth first and then a laser light is shone to speed up the whitening process.

You can choose from the different types of whitening processes available. Discuss with our dentists and choose the procedure that is best suited for your needs and budget. These are all quick and easy procedures – so you can get them done during your lunch hour.

Caring after whitening

After the teeth whitening procedure, the effect can last for few years provided you take care of your teeth. Some of you may experience teeth sensitivity after the whitening treatment, but this is only temporary. It is important that you continue with regular cleaning and flossing of teeth.

The health and appearance of your teeth are affected by the food that you consume. If you are in the habit of consuming a lot of sugary food and drinks, then you must take necessary steps to cut it down. Sugary food will get stuck on your teeth and slowly erode the dental enamel if you do not clean it out thoroughly. Plaque can build up and eat away your teeth. Teeth decay and teeth loss may result.

If you are thinking of whitening your teeth, why don’t you pop in at our clinic for a quick discussion? You can call us and our friendly staff will set up an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.