Children’s Dentistry Edgecliff

Each child’s dental needs are different and it is based on their emotional and developmental needs. It is important to get your child started on oral hygiene habits as early as possible so they have a great set of teeth and a healthy mouth when they grow up.

If you notice any problems like cavities, toothache, bad breath, or teeth not coming out properly, bring your child for a dental examination by our paediatric dentist.

Importance of Oral Health

Right from a young age, actively teach your children the importance of following good oral hygiene. Ideally, the first visit to the dentist should be before your child is a year old – when the first tooth is about to erupt.

Baby teeth are very important in the developmental process of a child. They provide support to the facial structure/shape and also help with chewing the food properly for faster digestion. These milk teeth save the space for permanent teeth when they are ready to come in. Taking care of milk teeth is a crucial step in guiding your child towards good oral health.

Different types of child dental care

Care during Infancy
As your child grows from infancy to childhood, different changes happen during these developmental years. Dental health needs of the child also go through different stages. During infancy you should ensure that your child’s gums are kept clean by wiping them with a soft cloth. Later, when the teeth erupt, no food particles should be allowed to remain on the teeth especially during the night. Monitor food habits and clean the teeth immediately after the child eats anything sticky or sugary.

Precautionary care
Preventive dental care is something we pay a lot of attention to, in our clinic. Our dentists teach your child the importance of consuming healthy food; they show how junk and sugary food can harm teeth.
Plan regular consultations for your child – this can be for cleaning, treating cavities, and for counselling.

Protective coating
You may have noticed how your child’s teeth have grooves and bumps – they help with chewing and grinding of food. But it is also in these areas that food particles can get stuck and cause tooth decay. Sealants can be used to provide a protective coating over the teeth and help the teeth stay clean and decay-free for years.

Restorative care
Like adults, your child’s teeth may also have problems such as tooth decay. We offer a number of restorative procedures for your child like placing crowns and fillings or even performing a root canal. If it is milk teeth and there is decay, then you just need to remove them and wait for the brand new permanent teeth to come in. Sometimes, our dentists will also suggest using spacers to keep the space occupied till the permanent teeth come in.

Guide your child on the importance of good oral habits which will ensure damage free teeth. Your child looks up to you as a role model for everything, so take the lead and show them how to keep the teeth and mouth clean.

Our dentists take special care to put children at ease and treat them with utmost care and compassion. If you are looking for a calm and child-friendly dental clinic, look no further. Call us now to set up an appointment.