Emergency Dentist in Edgecliff

Situations requiring emergency dental care can be frightening, but they are more common than you think. At our clinic, we have dental staff who are skilled and experienced enough to handle any kind of dental emergency.

Dental emergencies are not on the same level of severity as general emergencies, but they do require attention as soon as possible. Trauma in the oral region with bleeding or severe pain can be considered a dental emergency. Sometimes accidents can fracture or knock out teeth, and these are also emergency situations that need to be attended to immediately.

Common types of emergencies that you should be aware of include the following:

  • broken or cracked teeth
  • swelling in the face
  • pain in the jaws, teeth, gums or neck

Dental trauma caused due to accidents in contact sports are also quite common. Besides this, some emergencies also arise as a result of dental crowns being broken or chipped, dental fillings coming out loose etc.

Sudden and severe toothaches can be considered an emergency, and you should come to our clinic as soon as possible. We will first address the pain and bring it down.

If the emergency is a result of an accident, we will try to stabilise the injury and ensure that the surrounding oral tissue and teeth are not damaged. If you are bleeding, we will do the necessary to stop the bleeding and apply proper dressing on the wound. Antibiotics may also be prescribed if needed to stop the infection.

In dental emergencies, our immediate priority is to provide medical help to stop the pain and prevent more damage. Later on, our dentists will work with you on how to address the problem in a more permanent manner. This will require more consultations and will be done at a time that is convenient for you.

When do you need immediate care?

Most of the time you can put an end to more dental damages if you reach the dentist as soon as possible. But many people usually do not give too much importance to toothaches, and try home remedies or painkillers.

Damage to the teeth caused by any trauma or accident requires immediate medical care. If you got your tooth knocked out, try and find it and put it back into your socket after gently cleaning it. Do not touch the roots of the teeth as constant touching can cause damage to the nerve endings.

If you notice bleeding from the gums, tongue, or lips, then you need to be careful. If bleeding does not stop after some time, then it is important that you seek medical care. This is important as complications can happen if there is massive blood loss.

If you wear braces and it breaks then do not try and set it right by yourself. These are prosthetic devices that require the expertise of dentists. Broken braces might poke into soft tissues and can cause infection.

If you notice pus from any part of your mouth, seek immediate care. Pus usually indicates an infection. The infection can be in the teeth or gums. If left untreated, you might even lose your teeth. Our dentists will put you on antibiotics and treat the infection. Later on, in the case of tooth decay, other treatment options like root canal etc. may be suggested.

Our clinic provides a wide variety of emergency dental services. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists who will be delighted to help you.

If you have a dental emergency, do get in touch with us right away. Call 02 9327 4223 to organise a convenient time to find a solution for the problem.

At Edgecliff Dental Care, we believe that emergency dentistry is an important aspect of our many services. We will endeavor to attend to you and address the cause of the emergency as soon as possible.