Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Edgecliff

If you are worried about your missing teeth and have lost confidence because of that, dental implants are the answer. It is one of the most effective restorative options that are available in modern dentistry. It is a permanent and durable solution for missing teeth.

Unlike false teeth, you need not worry about the implants falling off. In an implant, the root of the tooth is replaced and the visible portion above the gum line is covered with a dental crown. The durability comes from the titanium root that is fixed in the jaw bone. This material is safe to be used in the jaw bone and will integrate into the bone structure nicely.

Placing dental implants

Before going ahead with dental implants, you should first undergo a check to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Our dentists will conduct an oral examination to assess the health of your gums, remaining teeth, and jawbone. The root of your replacement teeth is placed in your jaw bone. The bone should be of good health and should be able to receive the root.

Some diseases which affect the gums are also known to affect your jaw bones. In this case, your jaw bones may not be strong to accept the new tooth root. Infections in the teeth, if unchecked, can also damage your gums and jawbone. Other conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer etc. are also known to affect bone health. During the examination, dentists will thoroughly examine your jaw strength.

If your jaw bone is healthy, then we plan the next procedure. Bone grafting is recommended for some patients if the jawbone is not dense enough.

After the jaw bone heals, the root of your new tooth will be placed in it. The root will have a small piece of metal attached and this will jut out above the jaw line. The dental crown will be placed on this abutment. Now you have a new tooth in the place of the one you have lost.

Depending on the health of your jaw bone and oral health, and also the number of dental implants placed, the healing time may vary.

After the treatment, you may notice some swelling and pain. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and expected. You will be given antibiotics and pain killers to fight pain and infection. Do not worry if there is a slight bleeding in the area of surgery, this will go away after some time. If you are worried about any symptoms, please do check with our dentists.

Caring for long term

It is recommended that you consume soft food right after surgery. Also try not to bite into hard food particles with the new tooth. Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco can also stain the implants like they do natural teeth. Smoking also affects bone health, and some dentists refrain from placing dental implants on smokers as their oral health will not support dental implants.

For long lasting dental implants, it is important that you provide proper care to your implants. Regular cleaning and flossing are important. Do remember that plaque can form on this teeth as well. Schedule dental cleaning visits at least once in six months.

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