Wisdom Teeth Removal Edgecliff

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that erupt right at the back of your mouth. They are the last of the permanent molars you get and they get the name ‘wisdom teeth’ because they appear late in life, when you are supposedly wise and mature.

Wisdom teeth may not erupt for some people, and if you are one of them, no need to worry at all. They do not really add to the functionality, and can sometimes cause complications while erupting.

Many people experience severe pain when the wisdom teeth come out because of overcrowding of teeth. The wisdom teeth may need to be extracted.

Why do wisdom teeth cause problems?

It is not that every single person experiences problems when the wisdom teeth erupts, but many do. The problems arise primarily because the teeth do not have enough space to come out. They might get stuck in the jaw bone and can lead to complications.

Another common situation is the tooth coming out at an awkward angle because it does not have enough space. It will then push up against the remaining teeth and cause pain. This pushing against teeth may also end up creating a space where it becomes easy for food to get trapped, but difficult to clean. So even if you follow a good cleaning regime – bacteria can act on the food debris and plaque can build up. Slowly, this can result in teeth decay and cause gum diseases.

Removing wisdom teeth

You may not be able to decide for yourself if your wisdom teeth will come out without any complications. It is recommended that you check with a dentist if you feel that the wisdom tooth is about to erupt. The dentist may take an X-ray to understand how the teeth are placed and recommend removal if the new tooth is likely to cause problems.

During the wisdom tooth removal, you will be given an anaesthetic to numb the area. If the tooth has not come out of the gum line, then dentist will have to make a cut to expose the teeth. Sometimes, the tooth cannot be extracted as a whole and will be broken into small pieces and then removed. Depending on how the tooth is placed, the time of surgery will vary.

After removal

After your wisdom tooth has been removed, you will need stitches if the gum line was cut. Some bleeding can be expected. But do not try and remove clot; clots indicate that the wound is healing properly. Antibiotics and pain killers will be given to fight infection and pain.

Do not drink warm drinks and also avoid alcohol as they might interfere with the healing. You can consume drinks after few hours, but immediately after the procedure, just sip using a straw. You should also try and not bend your head too much, keep it at an elevated position. Also do not engage in any strenuous activity as this can interfere with the healing process.

Do plan for regular consultations with our dentist, so they can monitor the healing process. If you notice anything like unbearable pain or pus oozing from the wound, check with our dentist immediately.

If you have a wisdom tooth that has come out at an awkward angle or is about to erupt, come in for a quick check-up. We will advise you on the best course of action. Call us now to set up an appointment with our expert dental team.