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Exposed tooth root causes and treatment

Teeth becoming sensitive while consuming hot or cold food can be one of the early signs of an exposed tooth roots. Tooth roots as everyone knows are located underneath below the jaw line. They are well protected by the jaw bone and offer great support to the entire teeth. If they are affected, then it is almost certain that the whole tooth structure will affect and the teeth will be lost.

Toot root besides providing anchor has the nerve pulp area of the tooth. When they are exposed, the teeth will be sensitive and feels the hot and cold food that is consumed. This will affect the lifestyle of the person and if severe there is a need to change food habits as well.

What causes exposed tooth roots?

Before examining the causes of exposed tooth root, it will be useful to know the symptoms. This will also indicate of the possible causes of the exposed tooth roots. While brushing one can notice the teeth appearing longer than before. Brushing can also cause tender and sore gums. Pain and discomfort in the teeth and discolouration can also be noticed. Some have noticed changes in the shape of the gums or teeth. These symptoms coupled with tooth sensitivity are the visible symptoms that point towards exposed tooth roots.

Dental diseases play a major role in exposing the tooth root. One of the major dental concerns is gum disease. The gum lining of the teeth gets infected in this. They become red and inflamed due to gum diseases. This causes the gum lining to pull away from the teeth. This condition will expose the tooth root. Gum diseases are caused due to aging, poor oral hygiene is the main factors. Rough brushing of teeth or injury to the gums/teeth can also affect the gums.

Tooth decay is one the most common cause of exposed tooth roots. When a person consumes food, there is a need to clean the oral cavity. Food debris gets stuck on the crevices of the tooth. This attracts bacterial action, they break the food particles and release acid in the process. This acid works on the dental enamel and breaks off the protective covering of the teeth. Many do not give proper care and treatment to teeth. This leads to decay progressing in the tooth. The decay will increase and reach the pulp of the tooth and also the root region and damage the whole tooth. This causes the tooth root to be exposed.

Tooth grinding is a habit seen in many children and some adults. Many resorts to this habit if they are stressed about any situation or incident. Dentists say that some grow out of this habit without any other connected dental problems. Teeth grinding affects the teeth at the back of the mouth. They are rubbed against each other and they are damaged. This process exposes the tooth root and brings in additional dental complications in the person.

Besides the above central reason, misaligned teeth, usage of tobacco or injury to the oral region all can cause exposed root issues in a person.

Treatment for exposed tooth roots

Knowing the causes of exposed roots helps dentists to plan for an accurate treatment also. When a person approaches a dentist with symptoms of the exposed tooth root or associated problems like teeth grinding or gum diseases, the dentist will conduct an extensive examination. This helps to bring out a clear picture of how the issues have affected the oral region.

If it is the gums that have been affected, then protecting the gums is necessary. Dental crowns are placed on the affected teeth to offer protection. The whole teeth can be saved by this procedure. Dentists will offer guidance on how to choose the crowns suited. These crowns are custom made so they mimic the natural teeth in colour and structure and save the person from any embarrassment. If several teeth have exposed root issues, then a mask is available, this gingival mask helps to protect many teeth at a single go. If the situation is severe, then dentists also recommending grafting to cover the receding gum. This process is complicated and requires surgery.

Decay in the tooth begins with plaque and tartar build-up. This can be seen at the bottom of the teeth. Dental scaling is a very simple and efficient way to remove this. Cleaning this will help remove any chance of decay from happening. It helps to preserve the health of the teeth as well. When the plaque build-up is removed there is no chance of bacterial acting on the teeth. The decay is removed at the onset itself and the whole tooth is protected and there is no chance of an exposed tooth root.

Another procedure that is done if the decay has reached the root of the tooth is root canal treatment. This is a sure procedure to save the teeth. The decayed portion of the tooth is removed using specialised tools and the core of the tooth is sealed. This will stop all further decay and the tooth is protected. The root also is saved by this process.

Teeth grinding can be helped by wearing tooth guards. These will prevent the teeth from rubbing against each other and protect the tooth. Many do not need to wear the guards for a long time. Some can remove these mouth guards when they no longer have the teeth grinding issue. Many are able to stop the problem when they become aware that they are doing it. When this issue is addressed, then exposed tooth root also ceases.

For other causes such as misaligned teeth, braces or invisible aligners or even teeth removal is suggested. The remedy or treatment varies according to the person’s need. Going for regular dental check-ups will help remove the plaque build-up fully. Stopping the usage of tobacco or smoking will also increase dental health and along with it reduce the chances of the exposed root issues.

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