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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

A specialised branch of dentistry that incorporates the aspect of looking good and significantly altering the appearance of people’s teeth is what Cosmetic dentistry does. Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry changes people’s smile and gives them an immense boost of self-confidence. This dedicated dentistry helps people attain improvement of one’s look and also transform how they present themselves.

Cosmetic dentistry services are not confined to only adults, children also undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures. The main type of service done is negligible and not full-fledged like those for adults. Children who suffer from trauma or accidents to the oral area would benefit from the procedures offered. Care is provided for immediate need and later more treatment options possible as they grow older is planned according to their needs.

Cosmetic dentistry and its varied treatment options are not just for aesthetic purposes but also as medical treatment options for dental concerns that are due to developmental or other deficiencies. These procedures help provide support to teeth and mouth tissues to perform their functions and also offer structural support.

Types of cosmetic dentistry

Based on the needs, there are different types of cosmetic dental procedures available. They are examined briefly.

1. Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is widely known due to this dental procedure. Teeth whitening is done to remove stains and clean the teeth. Also known as bleaching, this helps to lighten the stains and make the teeth sparkle brighter. Lifestyle and food habits can cause teeth to lose their sparkle. Medications also are known to bring this effect to teeth. There are different products available for whitening in the market. Some can be bought over the counter as well, but for best results it is better to check with dentists. As some products would not be suited for everyone, seeking expert medical advice is recommended.

2. Dental Crowns

Crowns are placed over teeth to offer them good protection and enhance appearance. Teeth which are damaged or chipped or broken can be saved by this dental procedure. The teeth are prepared before the crowns are placed. This helps the dental crowns fit properly over the teeth. They are made of materials which mimic natural teeth in colour and can easily blend in. Some would have a gap between their teeth, dental crowns can also be placed in fill in these gaps and improve the appearance. These crowns can withstand the pressure that comes in with chewing food and if taken care can last long. Proper dental hygiene is important when taking care of dental appliances.

3. Dental Veneers

Another type of procedure is placing veneers. Dental veneers are custom made and are usually used to cover when there are damages to the front teeth. They are custom made and cover the visible portion of the teeth and are usually made of porcelain and using dental tools they are stuck on to the teeth. They are really thin and do not jut out when placed on the teeth.  Stains or cracks on the teeth can be covered up using this dental procedure. The shape of the teeth, colour and position of the teeth can be improved. Usually this procedure is completed in two to three visits – the time taken is for preparing the proper dental veneer for proper fitting.

4. Dental Implants

Not just improving the appearance of teeth, if teeth are lost – replacements are possible with dental implants. Teeth are lost due to decay, trauma to the mouth or accidents – cosmetic dentistry helps people recover their confidence by replacing lost teeth. This procedure involves dental surgery and is performed under anaesthesia. Support is placed on the jaw bones and the teeth are placed on them. They are surgically fixed on to the bone structure and provide strong anchorage to the teeth. Artificial teeth fixed are similar to the natural teeth and those who have done this procedure would not be conscious of having done this surgery.

5. Dental Bonding

Saving teeth can also be done by bonding. In this procedure, a resin is applied to the teeth that need treatment. It makes the teeth become stronger, brighter and not be lost to damage. Saving the teeth that are chipped or broken is done using bonding and is similar to placing veneers, a slight advantage is that bonding can be done much faster. The material that is similar to the teeth colour is chosen and bonded to the teeth and the procedure gets its name from this. These resins that are applied to the teeth to alter its appearance can absorb stains from smoking or tobacco, so these habits must be stopped.

6. Dental Fillings

Protecting a tooth that is decayed is possible through the dental filling. The decayed part of the teeth is removed by dentists using specialised tools. The decayed part in the interior of the teeth is completely removed. This portion of the teeth is then filled with filling. There are different types of filling to choose from. Gold, silver, amalgam and plastic fillings are available to choose from. Depending on the need and requirement of the person fillings are chosen. The latest that many choose is porcelain fillings. They match the colour of the teeth and are custom made.

Cosmetic dentistry helps improve oral health along with improved appearance. Correcting the bite that is not proper due to lost teeth and improved chewing ability of the teeth is possible through different cosmetic procedures. When gaps are filled or decayed teeth are replaced, the health of other teeth is also saved. This will help in proper chewing of food and also increased general health. Delay in seeking help from dentists can help save teeth and money in the long run. A proper and timely treatment can help to stop the damage from progressing. It might even need only a slight change in lifestyle to protect the teeth from damage. It is important that dental concerns are not brushed away and regular consultations with dentists are attended. This will help to promote and maintain good oral and overall health.

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